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Talk Myself Down - Kyle McVea (Official Video)

I've been holding this song pretty close to my chest, and now am finally ready to show it. Thank you to everyone who supports me ...

Kyle McVea performs "Crack Your Code", written by Luther Mallory

Kyle McVea performs "Crack Your Code",written by friend Luther Mallory...... Love to hear your thoughts on this song!!!

Kyle McVea Appreciation Day Video 2018

Kyle McVea Appreciation Day Video 2018

Shania Fillmore and Kyle McVea "Just Give Me a Reason" Cover

Shania and I are honored to be the only Atlantic Canada contestants on YTV's NextStar Supergroup .... check it on YTV Tuesdays ...

Who Am I To Stand In Your Way - Kyle McVea (Cover: Chester See)

Who Am I To Stand In Your Way - Kyle McVea (Cover: Chester See) Absolutely loved this song from the first time I heard it; so it ...

"Where is the love"- Saidat and Kyle McVea

Performing live at Arthur Stringer P.S. All Rights Reserved No Copyright intended.

Kyle McVea Birthday Video 2015

Kyle you done so much for everyone I want to say thank you for everything and we all love you. And of course we also love the ...

Jailhouse Rock (Elvis cover) by Kyle McVea: Saint John Idol X, 2012

Fantastic night on the Saint John Boardwalk performing Jailhouse Rock Cover with Derek Hollis during Saint John Idol X's Top 20.

Yellow - Coldplay (Kyle McVea Cover)

Hope you guys like the video! If you did, be sure to hit that like button as I'm broke. LOL Thank you for the support!

Kyle McVea (T Swift cover) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Celebrating what I love with who I love...or complete strangers ;) Meet my talented friend Bianca Heuvelmans!

"Beautiful" the First Original by Kyle McVea (2010)

I've had alot of people asking about my first original that I wrote and performed in 2010 at the Imperial Theatre so I thought I'd ...

Kyle McVea Appreciation Day Video 2016

Thank you Kyle for always being their for us no matter what. you taught us how to be sassy even though we would never be as ...

Kyle McVea Birthday Video 2016

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!! As you may know some of your fans and myself have been giving you hints for this year's birthday video ...

Meltdown By Kyle McVea

Music Event Meltdown By Kyle McVea November 5 2016 @ 401 Mini Indy Event - Viral Live Tour Toronto In Toronto, ON I Do ...

"Disease" (Matchbox 20 Cover) by Kyle McVea; live

Fantastic night during Saint John Idol 2012 during the Top 10 performances. Thanks for the great accompaniment by Dylan ...

Rebel Coast Interview

We catch up with newly minted boy band REBEL COAST before their show at The MOD Club in Toronto. REBEL COAST BAND ...

Kyle McVea Birthday Video 2017

Happy 21st Birthday Kyle! So sorry for it being so short this year, I didn't want you to watch the same videos I've used in previous ...

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