Mohammed Wardi – video

Mohammed Wardi singing Sabarta

Mohammed Wardi singing Sabarta.

Mohamed Wardi

Mohamed Wardi.

Mohamed Wardi Qx2013-Sudan

Mohamed Wardi Music-Sudan.

Mohammed Wardi - Al Mursal (The Messenger)

Buy the album: Taken from Various Artists « Two Niles to Sing a Melody: The Violins ...

تسجيل خرافي لأغنية الطير المهاجر..محمد وردى

تسجيل خرافي لأغنية الطير المهاجر..لفنان السودان الاول محمد وردى Mohamed Wardi.

Mohammed Werdi መሓመድ ወርዲ

Simply the best Sudanese singer!

Seberta by Teddy Afro at Mohammed Wardi's Memorial Event: Khartoum Feb 19, 2014

Teddy Afro Musics. The legendary Ethiopian singer who writes his own lyrics, creates his own melody and since he plays some ...

Maxamed Cabdi Alta | Heestii Sabarta | Heestii Maxamed Wardi Sudani

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Mohamed Wardi at Ethiopian Millennium Celebration -1

more at Mohamed Wardi Sings at Ethiopian Millennium Celebration.

Mohammed Wardi Full Album Sudanese music ااجمل اغاني محمد وردي كاسيت سوداني كየመሀመድ ዋርዲ ሙሉ ካሴት ሱዳንኛ

ይህ ቻኔል እናንተን ለማስደሰት የተዘጋጀ ሲሆን ሙድ የሚያጠፉ ቪዲዮችን በፍፁም አናቀርብም ። በሙዚቃ ብቻ አንወሰንም...

Mohammed Wardi

Mohammed Wardi, a Nubian Sudanese singer and songwriter, in concert. He is a legend and a Sudanese art immortal. For more ...

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